v1.3 update - improved look!

I just pushed out an update (Windows only for the moment) to improve the overall experience when playing Desolate.

As of v1.3, Desolate supports coloured text and proper line wrapping with automatic detection of terminal size. This should provide a significantly nicer experience when playing. In addition, a lot of the choices have been formatted better for easy reading.

However, all of this is a huge update of some very core things. As such, it is possible there may be problems.

If Desolate fails to detect your terminal size then it will display a message:

Unable to detect terminal size. Check the store page for a workaround.

If this happens then a workaround is to create a file named desolate.conf in the same directory as the executable and add the following lines:


(Change the value to a number that works for you. Note that this won't resize the terminal, it will wrap the text based on the value you gave.)

Also, if you prefer the old style game without colour then you can add the following line under the ui section:


So if you had both lines it would look like:


I hope you enjoy the update. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


Desolate (v1.3) 5 MB
May 16, 2019

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